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notorious (no-tr-e-os) adj.
Known widely and usually unfavorably; infamous

What does that mean, infamous? - Dusty Bottoms

Ah...Dusty. Infamous when you're more than famous! This man, El Guapo, is not just famous. He's infamous. - Ned Nederlander

PrinceCon 25

By the

Garbanzo Bean - Human Hero
Lima Bean - Human Ranger
Pinto Bean - Human Archer
Kidney Bean - Elf Cleric
Navy Bean - Fey Mage
Uman Bean - Halfling Cleric

All are brave warriors of the Leo sect.
(Well, some braver than others.)

This is their tale in text and images.


This is the Halfling Cleric, Uman. He makes sure the others stay in line with their chosen faith even if it kills them.


In our first scenario (sorry, I didn't write down the names. "Where's that scribe??") We came upon a group of people being attacked be "Tasmanian Devil" type creatures. Spinning fury with teeth and claws. Garbanzo and Lima bravely threw themselves into the action while others simply lobbed things into the fray.


The Plumber was a fellow who seemed to know more than anyone else there but still couldn't tell us what was going on. We found out about the Evil Cults though.


Pinned down in the city by a sniper. Garbanzo and Lima bravely threw themselves into the action (you'll see this alot) but it was the Fey Mage, Navy who saved the day by "freaking out" the sniper who ran away. (enough said about that the better)


While under attack by a Giant Slug, Garbanzo thrusts a torch (and most of his body) into the jaws of the creature while Navy blows its butt end off. These actions only gave Garbonzo a sore head and lots of little slugs running around. Eventually, Navy landed the killing blow.


After a successful raid on an Army/Navy store, Grabanzo and Navy leave with alot of 20th century weaponry.


In our next scenario, we found ourselves in a dark, "sunless" world surrounded by undead.


Here, we were hopping rock to rock over a stream of boiling water when we were beset by rabid Halfling zombies. After Pinto got pulled into the stream, Uman helps out with a mighty +1 War Hammer to the head of the offending zombie. (Thank you to whoever I traded that from) Meanwhile, Garbonzo looses his balance and bravely gives his body to save our only light source.


Here, Grabanzo greets the sheriff of the local hobbit village. Bert the sheriff seemed incredibly clueless about what was happening around his village. We were waiting for him to do "The Pigeon" but it never occurred.


The long, stunned, silences of the Milkman creep under the skin of Garbonzo until he finally blows his top and uses more forceful measures to achieve his cooperation. (This action took place only in Garbonzo's mind but it was fun to draw.)


The sandbagged opening of the Ronkel Temple. These are the followers of the Ronko-matic chopper by Popeil. It slices, it dices, it does julian zombies. If only they would do something about the "Demon Sheep."


After opening the entrance to the temple, we found ourselves facing a multitude of Hobbit Zombies and a few Shadows. Here Navy makes a decision that will effect the entire party. Mainly, melt our faces off. You can see Umans' War Hammer flinging from behind all the humans.


Walking back from the temple, we came across the sad site of the dead Milkman surrounded by strangled chickens. (or "choked" if you prefer...I know at 5AM we certainly did) We figured the zombies had something to do with it but I think Bert figured into it somehow because we never found his body in the village.


Upon arriving at the Gates to leave this world, we were blocked by two Spectors. While we battled with them, Navy grabbed the keys and bravely fled through the gate. "Bravely, you damn clerics!! I acted BRAVELY!! Now put me down!"


In our next scenario, we had to go into the world of demons. Our honorable GM outfitted us all we "Demon Fight'n" stuff. Somehow the Halfling, Uman ended up with a Long Sword.


Here we are singing the Leo song of marching. I would have put up the Leo song of Battle but it is way to graphic for the internet.


Here, our honorable GM faced us with our first action in two days. A large "Armadillo shaped" demon was shambling in our direction so Lima the Ranger leads it away with the hind-quarters of a demon deer.


In this image, our honorable GM outnumbered us with double-melee-round-attack Demons and loaded dice. Here, Uman does a meet and greet while Garbonzo and Lima await their turn. "Boy, those Demons take a long time."


These two images are a sarcastic rejoinder to our honorable GM who, do to a typographical error, didn't have enough "Rings of Breathing" for the entire party. So instead of writing something on a scrap of paper and giving us a sixth ring, we are forced to decide which party member gets to implode in space.


In our forth and final scenario, we go to a Super Hero world where I am the best Mutant ever made...The Wolverine!


Here is our entire party before the big attack.


Here is the Wolverine getting his butt kicked. After being totally outmatched by a Flame warrior and a Shadow warrior, the ever helpful Titan assists the Wolverine in getting it kicked by tossing a boulder into the fray and missing. (I think he missed... maybe that's what he was aiming at.)


After having his soul sucked (that sucks) and joining the Legions of Hell, Wolverine attacks the Iron Maiden with a mighty blow. The characters may be a little out of proportion but the damage of the attack is correctly rendered


Since Turtle and Tank were the slowest characters, they never seemed to be where the battle was. In an effort to correct this, they began to perform gymnastic feats together and trying to lob things into the fray. (like each other)


After the final battle, the heroes beat a hasty retreat. Poor Titan had been wounded by the flame warrior who lit his soul on fire. (I don't write these things, I just report 'em) Since he was in no condition to move, the Iron Maiden dragged him to safety. As those two were traveling by, Turtle and Tank hopped on since the Iron Maiden could drag Titan faster than they could move. While resting on Titan's stomach, Tank attempts to extinguish Titan's soul with the only liquid they had available. It wasn't enough. He shoulda drank more beer.


11PM Saturday night just into the 3rd senario.

Garbanzo, Kidney, Uman, Pinto, Lima

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