The Gods and Religion of

Prince Con 26

Apostles of Peace - Samwise
Brethren of Stone - Firsthammer
Chosen Warriors of Leo - Leo
Knights of Justice - Janda
Order of the Sage - Hione
Masters of the Hunt - Carrunos
Keepers of Nature - Danu

Classes of Prince Con 26
Races of Prince Con 26

Apostles of Peace

God:Isaiah Samwise
Principles: Life, Peace
Symbol: Cross
Armor: Chain
Weapons: Only Staff is allowed
Beliefs: Apostles of Peace believe in the sanctity of life and the holiness of peace. They follow Isaih Samwise, god of healing and peace. Clerics of this religion are especially proficient in the art of healing. All followers of this religion abhor violence and even the heros restrict their selection of weapons for self-defense to staves. They regard all waton violence as evil.
Special Powers and restrictions: Apostles are immune to causes and save at +10% vs poison, disease and level drain. Apostles can tell whether a creature is injured at range touch. Also, all Apostles cures roll double the normal of dice. They may wear chain, but robes are considered to be the preferred attire.
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Brethren of Stone

God:Daglir Firsthammer
Symbol:Hammer and Anvil
Weapons:Standard Clerical
Beliefs:The Brethren of Stone are faeries who have acheived a holy level of proficiency at creating items and molding metal and stone. They beleive that all of creation is raw material, and when the entire world was shaped into its proper form, then the new age of Faerie will begin. They worship Daglir Firsthammer, who created faeries out of stone in his own image.
Special Powers and restrictions: They may evaluate the worth of non-magical items, although with exceptional items they have only a 10%/L chance of being accurate.
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Chosen Warriors of Leo

Principles:Glory of Combat
Symbol:Flaming Sword
Weapons:Clerical +1 handed melee weapons
Beliefs:Leos believe combat is the greatest test of a beings worth and consequently that the best fighter is the holiest man and thus should rule. Leo is the patron of trial by combat and detests cowardice and unfair fights. Unfair fights are ones in which healing spells or cause wound spells are used to alter the outcome of a battle as well as underhanded tactics in general
Special Powers and restrictions: Clerics of Leo hate the use of Cures, Causes or Finger of Death in battle and will be immediately aware of any such prayers. Once the other side has broken the rules by doing so, Leo Priests will use their powers to even the score.
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Knights of Justice

Principles:Truth, Justice
Symbol:White Rose
Weapons:Standard Clerical
Beliefs:Knights of Justice are devoted to the cause of truth, the preservation of oaths, and the protection of the innocent. They regard order and law to be the greatest good. They do not hesitate to punish evildoers on the spot.
Special Powers and restrictions: Clerics of Janda are difficult to lie to (+20% chance that any lie will not be believed) and are less susceptible to illusions (+10% to save). Although they may act secretly and withold information, they will not lie, nor permit their cause to be furthered by lies. They may throw either cures or causes but the use of causes is limited to evil humanoids, as defined by the religion.
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Order of the Sage

God:Hione the Hermit
Weapons:Standard Clerical
Beliefs:Hermits worship the god Hione the Hermit, keeper of all knowledge. They are devoted to the acquistion and preservation of knowledge. They do not favor lies or violence, although they are not forbidden either
Special Powers and restrictions:Sage clerics will know all the modern languages of the region, both oral and written, as would a native speaker with a 10%/L chance to have scholarly knowledge. They have a 5%/L chance to know something about any given legend, in much the manner of a Legend Lore, but without spending the time.
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Masters of the Hunt

God:Carrunos the Hunter
Symbol:Rearing Stag
Weapons:Hand axe, club, dagger, spear, all bows and crossbows
Beliefs:Masters of the Hunt worship Carrunos the Hunter, who personifies the necessary process by which life feeds on life. Carrunos clerics despise pointless cruelty and any wasteful killing. (killing for sport or killing more than is needed.) Animal products are not to be wasted nor used frivolously. Carrunos is the consort of Danu and his clerics hold that the spirits of animals killed with proper respect return to Danu for reincarnation into their own kind. Clerics and followers of Carrunos are also considered followers of Danu for resolving prayer effects.
Special Powers and restrictions:Cleric of Carrunos can find food by hunting small game in any terrain where animals exist. They can track as heros of their level in wilderness. Carrunos clerics regain prayer points at sunset. Carrunos prayers affect all followers and clerics of Danu as though they were followers of Carrunos.
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Keepers of Nature

Principles:Life of the World
Symbol:Sun and Moon
Armor:Leather, wooden shield
Weapons:Hand axe, club, dagger, spear, short bow and sling
Beliefs:Keepers of Nature worship the Goddess Danu, Mother of the Elves and creatix of all plants and animals. Followers of Danu guard the natural order against waste and cruelty, and especially venerate forests and trees. Because animals that hunt are part of the natural order, Danu is the consort of Carrunos. Clerics and followers of Danu are also considered followers of Carrunos for resolving prayer effects.
Special Powers and restrictions:Cleric of Danu can find food by foraging for edible plants in any terrain that supports growing plants. In wilderness, Danu clerics detect the presence or approach of creatures and spot all traps (unless magical or magically concealed) as a hero of their level. All healing magic and all Bless-type prayers of Danu effect all living animals and plants as well as humanoids. Danu clerics have a 10%/L chance to know all pertinent facts (life cycle, diet, habitat, etc.) about any given natural plant or animal. Some prayers require the Cleric to have a supply of natural ingredients (herbs) on hand. Herbs can be gathered in any terrain where plants grow. Prayers that other clerics can use without extra items, Danu Clerics may be required to use herbs. All Danu prayers effect followers of Carrunos as though they were followers of Danu.
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The Classes of

Prince Con 26

Heroall races
MageHuman, Elf, Fey
Clericall races
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The races of

Prince Con 26

HumanTall, robust, strong. Lives in cities
ElfShorter than Humans, slender. Lives in forests
DwarfShorter than Elves, stocky, strong. Lives underground
HobbitSmaller than Dwarves, stocky, nimble. Lives in small villages
FeySmaller than Hobbits, slender winged. Lives in trees and cliff faces
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